10AM V.I.P. Admission – Early-Bird Visit to Special Guests, Authors, Vendors, Readers, and Exhibitors. Access to front row seating.

11AM General Admission Doors Open


JOHN ZAFFIS – Paranormal researcher. Nephew of Ed & Lorraine Warren. Star of “Haunted Collector”
THE AMAZING KRESKIN – The World’s Most Famous Mentalist. First-ever Paranormal Convention Appearance!
Jim Petonito was the photographer for Ed and Lorraine Warren. He goes by the name Mr. Haunted and is the author of the book “Phantom Messages”
Leanna Renee Hieber is an actress, playwright, ghost tour guide and award-winning, bestselling author of Gothic, historical paranormal novels
Bill Hall is the ghost Author of “The World’s Most Haunted House” which is about 966 Lindley Street in Bridgeport CT

Jason McLeod Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family’s Nightmare is the #1 bestselling True Tale of Demonic Possession and Exorcism. Autographed Personalized Paperbacks available at ParaConn.
Larry Elward and Debbie Chamberlin Elward worked with both of the Warrens and John Zaffis. They also coauthored books with John Zaffis

Dan and Christine Peer are Connecticut’s scientific paranormal team which have made many TV appearances
Black Crow Paranormal is Connecticut’s youngest paranormal team, of which one is a psychic. They do investigations and also host a ghost tours
Mark Vecchitto is a chef with clairvoyant abilities and has cooked for most haunted restaurants in Connecticut
Colin Haskins is Connecticut’s cryptid hunter and researcher. He also is an investigator of Connecticut Cryptid Research Society


Beth Colletti is the owner of the haunted antique shop “The Primitive Crow”. It has had many paranormal investigators such as “Ghos Hunters”
Kathy Chruszcz is a psychic medium who worked with Lorraine and Ed Warren

PARACONN 2021 (last year’s guests)

Nick Grossmann has been clairvoyant his entire life, and is dedicated to the paranormal field. He is the real deal. Be sure to visit his rare collection, which will be on display at CT ParaConn, of which Nick is the Executive Producer. Nick’s organization, Ghost Storm, continues his goal to “prove the paranormal.” A current paranormal project may make national news with Nick solving a 36-year missing-persons case. He produces videos with supernatural evidence, and hosts ghost hunts and investigations year-round (www.VagaParanormal.com). For further info, or to book private investigations, call (203) 795-4737.

Charles Rosenay!!!, aka “Cryptmaster Chucky,” is no stranger to things that go bump in the night. As founder of CT’s largest indoor haunted attraction, Fright Haven, he has been scaring & acting for over 15 years. He has also acted in many films, mostly monster movies. Rosenay!!! is the host/organizer of the annual Dracula Tours to Transylvania (yes, in Romania – www.DracTours.com), where guests actually spend Halloween night inside Dracula’s Castle, as well as the annual GHOSTours to Europe and other international locations (www.GHOSTours.com) presented by his travel company, Tours of Terror. Rosenay!!! has recently authored “The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists,” and is doing meet+greets and book signing at conventions across the U.S.


Visit paranormal groups, psychics/mediums/readers, haunt artists and businesses, horror and sci-fi genre dealers, cryptozoologists, books & monster magazines merch, pop-culture sellers, authors, photo archivists, bloggers and podcasters, haunt attractions, artisans, crafters, jewelers, clothing and t-shirt vendors, costume retailers, handmade items and related merchandise. EVERYTHING you can imagine will be on display and on sale. 

Vender Space AVAILABLE!!! Info INFO 203.795.4737

Presented by Ghost Storm Investigations.
Hosted by The Shaman and The Showman.
Sponsored by Tours of Terror

Brought to you by GHOST STORM INVESTIGATIONS and TOURS OF TERROR. Presented by the Founder of FRIGHT HAVEN Haunted Attraction and promoter of the New England HAUNT SHOW. We have been producing conventions and events since 1978 (GHOSTour, Dracula Tours to Transylvania, NY/New England Beatles Convention, The National Monkees Convention, Rock Con, Record and Comic Conventions, NE Haunted Show, and much more.
International Ghost Tours to England and all over the world
Annual Dracula Tour to Transylvania – Spend Halloween in Dracula’s Castle http://www.DracTour.com